Welcome to “What I wish I knew before University”

Welcome to “What I wish I knew before University”, a series of three following blogposts. If there was a “not-to-do list for ambitious people” I pretty much tick-marked it all. While it is too late for me, I hope I can help some of the people reading this from falling in one or the other pitfall. While I personally connect them to my life at college or university, many points make sense at every stage in life, so even if you are not a student anymore (or do not intent to be one in first place), this might be worth a read. So let’s dive in. 

The first post will be about personal development and life in general. This will be a more general post and has little to nothing to do with university itself, before I get more specific about career advises in the second post. This one will be very university-related. In the last post I finally want to talk a bit about some habits that will hopefully help you to boost your life and get the best out it.

I love top-down approaches, starting with the bigger picture and going into detail afterwards, so my plan is to expand on all of the points and discuss them individually later in a podcast, so consider this as somewhat an introduction and a look-up-list for later. All of the three posts will be subject to later change. I will iterate over them to get better articles for you. As always I will be very happy to receive your feedback in case you have some. Drop me a comment or a personal message, potentially in one of the social media below. So now let’s start with the first post here.

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